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Automated driving and beyond

TTTech Auto operates under the umbrella of the TTTech Group and was set up as an independent company in 2018. The history of our developments and know-how in automated driving and functional safety goes back to the early years of the company.

Below you will find some of TTTech Auto’s milestones over the past years. To learn more about the history of the TTTech Group, please check out the TTTech history section.


  1. TTTech Auto acquires automotive company Red Pine Software


  1. TTTech Auto and Hyundai Autron sign an agreement to collaborate on a joint safety software platform solution for automated driving series production programs
  2. “The Autonomous”, the global community shaping the future of safe autonomous mobility, gathers leading players from the autonomous ecosystem in Vienna
  3. Technomous brings highly automated driving to the streets of China
  4. TTTech Auto acquires Spanish software company Silicon Gears, its long-time development partner
  5. Infineon and TTTech Auto collaborate to enable level 4 and level 5 automated driving


  1. Spin-off of TTTech's automotive business: establishment of TTTech Auto AG
  2. BMW starts cooperation with TTTech Auto to develop automated driving functions at the highest safety level
  3. TTTech Auto establishes "Technomous" joint venture with SAIC Motor Corporation to deploy the "smart brain" for autonomous driving cars in China
  4. NVIDIA and TTTech Auto announce their partnership


  1. TTTech Automotive launches a modular platform for automated driving. The centerpiece MotionWise, a scalable, series-proven software platform for automated driving up to level 5.
  2. Audi launches the first series-production car capable of automated driving level 3 with MotionWise as a vital part of the Audi A8 computer architecture
  3. Partnership with Renesas to offer MotionWise and Renesas R-Car based platform for automated driving
  4. Strategic partnership with Samsung for the development of technologies for automated driving; Samsung invests €75 million


  1. Partnership with Infineon for ASIL D safety solutions in automated driving
  2. Renesas Electronics Corporation and TTTech Automotive collaborate on the development of a new ADAS ECU development platform


  1. Infineon, Audi and GE invest €50 million in TTTech
  2. The Austrian National Mobility Award goes to TTTech Computertechnik AG for the TTA Drive automated driving platform


  1. Audi and TTTech Automotive showcase key-enabling technologies for the piloted car, presenting a prototype of the zFAS platform ECU
  2. Volvo Car Group uses the Inverter Safety Unit (ISU) from TTTech Automotive for the second generation of the Volvo C30 Electric
  3. Cooperation with Wind River for autonomous driving and advanced automotive applications


  1. DataLogger, our high-performance, open and scaleable tool for vehicle testing, motivates Audi AG to act as a development partner


  1. TTTech Automotive provides a safety control unit for the Akasol Engineering battery system


  1. TTTech Automotive provides FlexRay-based tools and services for topology consulting and architecture optimization for Audi A8


  1. Introduction of deterministic networking offering based on FlexRay
  2. Audi acquires minority stake in TTTech Computertechnik AG


  1. Development of the SIRIUS concept car in collaboration with Volvo Car Corporation


  1. Audi AG and TTTech Computertechnik AG make an official announcement of their technical cooperation
  2. Development of several concept cars with drive-by-wire system based on TTTech technology: SKF FILO Car, Saab Novanta, GM’s AUTOnomy, Hy-wire, PSA Peugeot Citroën prototypes


  1. TTTech Computertechnik GmbH established in Vienna, Austria, as a spin-off from the Technical University of Vienna