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TTTech Auto to raise a USD 285 million investment from Aptiv and Audi

Vienna, Austria, February 3, 2022 – TTTech Auto  raised USD 285 million (EUR 250 million) from Aptiv PLC (NYSE: APTV) and Audi in its latest funding round. Aptiv is investing USD 228 million (EUR 200 million), while Audi is increasing its existing stake by USD 57 million (EUR 50 million). With this latest funding round and a valuation of more than USD 1 billion, TTTech Auto confirms its strong position amid a growing number of auto tech unicorns. The transaction is subject to regulatory approval and is expected to close within the next two months. With Aptiv, another highly […]

Paving the Way Toward Safe Autonomous Driving

“It’s not just about technology. It’s about partnerships and the ecosystem,” said Young Sohn, chairman of the board of HARMAN and former president of Samsung Electronics, during The Autonomous Main Event on September 29. The flagship event of The Autonomous Initiative gathered 500 leading experts and decision-makers from 170 companies to discuss the latest AV technologies, regulatory frameworks and safety approaches.  Today, autonomous vehicles (AVs) represent a potentially disruptive but beneficial change in the way we travel. They are designed to avert deadly crashes, aid the elderly and disabled, increase road capacity, save fuel and make travelling more comfortable […]

The Next Wave: Georg Kopetz and Ricky Hudi with Young Sohn

The Next Wave is a highly successful online video series conceived and moderated by Young Sohn, Chairman of the Board at Harman International Industries, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics.  Ahead of The Autonomous Main Event in Vienna, TTTech Auto CEO Georg Kopetz, along with The Autonomous Chairman Ricky Hudi, joined Young Sohn in an engaging episode about entrepreneurship, technology, and their visions for autonomous mobility. HARMAN launched The Next Wave to bring interviews with inspiring CEOs to the screens of global audiences at home. Luminary leaders from the worlds of tech, ​finance, startups, nonprofits and beyond have joined Young Sohn on The […]

Fail-operational architecture for highly automated driving unveiled

TTTech Auto and Infineon Technologies have developed key components for a fail-operational electronic architecture for highly automated driving of SAE Level 3 and 4. This enables the safe and reliable processing of, for example, radar or LiDAR camera sensor data and is targeting car and technology manufacturers. The fail-operational architectural concept and its key components ensure the safe operation of highway pilot functions, valet parking and autonomous truck driving in case individual functions fail. The design of a fail-operational electronic architecture The mixed critical approach allows the use of computer hardware and software that run applications of different Automotive […]

SAIC Z-ONE announces collaboration with Technomous

SAIC Motor Corporation’s software arm SAIC Z-ONE has announced a collaboration with Technomous (a joint venture between SAIC and TTTech Auto), this collaboration intends to develop a cloud-pipe-device integrated smart cabin HPC (high performance computing) based on SAIC Z-ONE’s Galaxy Full-stack Solution 3.0. Through this collaboration, the Z-ONE software platform will be enabled to orchestrate and safeguard mission-critical system and driving functions by utilizing MotionWise as crucial, integrated platform component. This enables application development partners to integrate their applications on Z-Ones SOA platform without compromising or endangering mission-critical functions. The platform ensures that computation chains throughout the E/E architecture […]

MotionWise completes functional safety assessment

Modern cars integrate a vast number of different functions that bring the full driving experience to end users. Their selection criteria for a new car are both the quantity and the quality of the integrated functions, but with one ultimate condition – safety in all situations and circumstances. At TTTech Auto, we don’t mean only claiming safety to a certain degree, we mean proving safety. For this, we comply with the highest possible safety standards set by the automotive industry. Our safety story begins with zFAS, a central driver assistance controller from Audi, with its integrated safety software platform […]

Major tech and automotive industry players partner to jointly master autonomous mobility

According to PWC[1], car manufacturers’ R&D costs have increased significantly due to the rise of electric, connected and autonomous vehicle development. In the USA and Asia, R&D spending rose by one-third (to €13 bn and €28 bn respectively), while in Europe it increased by 75 percent to €42 bn during the last decade. But increasing costs are not the only challenge for companies within the automated driving sector. Product liability, emerging technological best practices and increasing technical complexity demand know-how in various fields to solve remaining safety problems. To overcome these challenges, The Autonomous proposes a collaborative approach, bringing […]

TTTech Auto and FH Campus Wien jointly initialized academic course to build up knowledge about safety

Functional safety is a major prerequisite for autonomous and highly automated driving. With that in mind, TTTech Auto and FH Campus Wien have initialized the academic course “Functional Safety for ISO 26262”. The advanced training has been specially developed by the Vienna Institute for Safety and Systems Engineering (VISSE) of the FH Campus Wien in cooperation with TTTech Auto. The first course started in autumn 2020 with 24 participants from TTTech Auto offices in Spain, Germany, Austria, Turkey and Serbia. Despite the pandemic and lockdown, they will complete the course as “Academic Safety Engineers” at the end of the […]

Industry guide for coordinating safe autonomous driving released

The rise of autonomous vehicle technology has resulted in a rich ecosystem shaped by competition. In this ecosystem, individual corporate groups are working in parallel on technological solutions. With the increasing complexity of technological systems, the need to coordinate the overall safety of automated vehicles increases. Also, supervisory authorities worldwide recognize the need for general technical principles for autonomous vehicles. Within the ecosystem, an extensive network of initiatives and coalitions is now responding to the need for coordination. The World Economic Forum and The Autonomous released guidance for industry deciders and policymakers to help them align in the autonomous […]

Interview: How strategic investments help to develop Europes key industrial technologies

With the advent of connectivity, electrification, automated driving, and shared mobility, the global automotive industry has been changing at a rapid rate. Vehicles in the future will be software-based, connected to their environment and highly automated or even autonomous. Europe and its automotive ecosystem are ready to play a strong and leading role in this development. This has been demonstrated recently by the financing of 30 Mio EUR  to TTTech Auto by the European Investment Bank. Thomas Östros, Vice-President of the European Investment Bank (EIB), explains in this interview the financing strategy by the EIB for new technologies. Harald Triplat, CFO […]