Collaboration with Renesas Electronics on New ADAS ECU Development Platform

We will collaborate with Renesas Electronics Corporation on the development of a new automotive platform solution, aimed at providing a future proof, high-performance advanced electronic control unit development platform for driver assistance systems. The automotive platform solution will integrate Renesas’ automotive control microcontroller (MCU), the RH850/P1x, and high-performance R-Car system-on-chips (SoCs), with our TTIntegration solution, a software platform to enable highly complex automotive solutions including highly automated driving. Additionally to the physical integration, the development platform achieves parallel, multi-vendor development and integration of individual software components.

Our collaboration with Renesas is designed to respond to current software implementation challenges. Renesas adds its expertise as a globally leading semiconductor solution supplier to the automotive sector, providing high-performance and low power semiconductor solutions, including MCUs, SoCs, middleware and development kits, to the mass markets, which are requiring cost-sensitive implementation of safety and comfort features. Renesas provides system manufacturers the choice and timely integration of best-in-class software through open application programming interfaces (APIs) and leading tools. Renesas enables functional safety up to ASIL-D, the highest level of functionality safety standard out of ASIL, in its semiconductors, meeting the high demands for security in road traffic. The stringent development of product families brings the developer a high degree of scalability for products that can cover all segments – from premium to entry-level vehicles.

The centrepieces of TTTech’s ADAS platform are TTIntegration and Deterministic Ethernet. TTIntegration is located and runs as middleware between the CPU level and the integrated applications. It provides each application with the CPU time and memory it needs, while separating or even abstracting hardware from applications. Therefore, the origin of data and data usage are strictly decoupled (location transparency). Delivering an AUTOSAR environment for various operating systems enables system manufacturers to move applications between the embedded cores more easily. TTIntegration supports various safety levels simultaneously. A strict partitioning concept ensures at any time that a bug or defect in one specific application cannot harm any other or even cause a collapse of the whole ECU. The concept grants “Freedom from Interference” as demanded by the highest automotive development safety norms. The platform solution uses Deterministic Ethernet, a reliable and real-time capable Ethernet backbone solution, for the communication.

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