Comprehensive Paper on Deterministic Architecture and a Simplified Integration Process For ADAS

TTTech Automotive’s technical head Georg Niedrist discusses deterministic architecture and middleware for domain control units and a simplified integration process applied to a ADAS in an elaborate paper.

The challenges that future generations of automobiles pose are manifold. High performance, easy and cost-efficient integration of applications from different OEMs while fulfilling highest safety requirements. The trend towards modularization of automotive electronic systems and the implementation of new customer functions controlled by software only and at the same time effectively reducing the number of ECUs or at least not increasing it further is already reflected in actual customer needs. These challenges can only be tackled with innovative and established technologies. An outline of TTTech’s approach is now available as a comprehensive paper, compiled by TTTech Automotive’s technical head Georg Niedrist.

This paper presents a new deterministic architecture and a new integration approach to highly-integrated domain ECUs that are currently being implemented in the series development of a complex central ADAS controller. It discusses the two elements key to fulfill all requirements in terms of performance, safety ECU modularity and scalability as well as a to facilitate the development and integration process. The paper provides an overview of today’s requirements, illustrates hardware and software architecture, explains functions and benefits of a corresponding middleware and sketches the SWC development and integration workflow. Last but not least, Georg Niedrist also provides unique and valuable experiences from series development.

The paper can be downloaded in its entirety as a PDF here.