Cooperation with Wind River for Autonomous Driving and Advanced Automotive Applications

Wind River is providing TTTech with VxWorks and expert software integration services for the development of a leading safety-related automotive ECU based on multi-core system-on-chips (SoCs) for advanced automotive applications, such as autonomous driving.

VxWorks from Wind River, a world leader in delivering software for intelligent connected systems, is a real-time operating system, conforming to the ISO 26262 safety standard. TTTech selected VxWorks to host several safety-related software components side by side with non-safety related components in the overall system architecture of the electronic control unit. The ECU is designed for the use in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), including autonomous driving and other automotive video camera–based vision applications. It can be connected to multiple cameras and features Deterministic Ethernet networking capabilities.

“The role of software is growing as automotive systems get more sophisticated and as the Internet of Things demands new levels of connectivity and intelligence. Automotive companies must add innovation while maintaining the necessary levels of safety. The issue of safety is especially paramount as capabilities such as autonomous driving become a reality,” said Georg Doll, vice president and general manager of worldwide automotive solutions at Wind River. “Wind River and TTTech are working together to help car manufacturers get to market faster with high quality and innovative offerings. Our innovative software technology coupled with world-class services and global support help customers better manage the highly detailed requirements, complicated software integration, and intricate project planning associated with this industry.”

“The automobile is evolving to include greater connectivity and increased capabilities within safety-related areas and driver assistance systems, such as autonomous driving. This is making the software integration process more challenging than ever,” said Georg Niedrist, director of TTTech Automotive. “Given the complex nature of the automotive environment, it is beneficial to work with an expert like Wind River who has the knowledge and proven technologies for this industry. Working with Wind River, TTTech delivers a state-of-the-art operating system to our OEM customers.”

Read more about our cooperation with Wind River for autonomous driving and advanced automotive applications in the press release on Wind River’s website or have a look at our automotive offering.