Expert Talks: Stefan Traxler on the most critical safety considerations of MotionWise

We sat down with Stefan Traxler, Functional Safety Manager at TTTech Auto, and got his point of view on the most critical safety consideration for MotionWise. Read below for his insights on this topic.

New challenges arise for mixed criticality systems due to safety related availability requirements from automated driving use cases. We have converged all software functions with mixed criticality requirements on one centrally managed platform, while ensuring dedicated allocation of resources per application required to perform and ensure the highest levels of availability for safety-critical applications. The applications with lower safety-requirements are executed with the remaining resources, which ensures best usage of the existing resources.

Many ASIL-D solutions are not prepared for fail operational or fail degraded system requirements. As we move towards higher levels of automated driving, requiring fail-operational performance, a different architecture for a platform is required to deliver upon these requirements. We have mapped all the critical interactions of the solution elements on all levels of the solution design and integrated these key learnings and key-practices to the fully integrated software platform, which reflects these benefits and ensures the future-proof evolution of the solution as well as high-replicability and, by doing this, speed up time to market.

We know that two fail silent systems do not comprise a fail operational system. These requirements stretch throughout the hardware architecture and highly heterogenous solution elements that are best sourced from two different chip vendors to support independence by reducing the number of shared design faults. Software architecture design and deployed functions sitting on top of it are designed in the way to deliver upon these highest safety requirements – proactively tackling the possible weak links because they are predictable, with the applications with the highest safety-criticality having reserved resources to ensure the performance and highest possible availability of the service based on the fail-operational requirements.

Improving from a series proven implementation MotionWise is built for ASIL-D and fail operational requirements. It is a future-proof solution which with its clever design proactively responds to the requirements and challenges brought by future technology implementation, as we move higher towards higher levels of automated driving brining higher complexity levels and performance levels. Avoid the “fail operational pitfalls” with an experienced partner and future-proof solution. We understand the software requirements, the hardware requirements, the automotive-grade requirements, and the best solution design practices. They are the underlying principle in the architecture design, from HW to SW and SW to SW integration principles and especially with validation of the complete, end-to-end solution. The integration process enabled by the deterministic, time-triggered concept, guarantees full predictability and composability and ensures smooth software integration without repetitive, time-consuming, unreliable and costly integration hassle of traditional ad-hoc approaches. It allows us to manage the high complexity of an end-to-end solution and harness the full power of centralized architectures.

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