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Expert Talks: Interview with Georg Kopetz

Embark on the automated driving journey – making the most of your time Not even a full year has passed since the foundation of TTTech Auto. It was created by concentrating TTTech Group’s successful automotive business unit together with RT-RK Automotive and now Silicon Gears in one global entity. TTTech Auto has set out on the journey to support OEMs in achieving the highest levels of ...

Technomous brings highly automated driving to the streets of China

Technomous is a joint venture of SAIC Motor Corporation, from here on referred to as SAIC Group, and TTTech Auto, a global ...

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MUC++ “Teaching geometry to C++”

Exciting event for the C++ community with special guest Guy Davidson, hosted by TTTech Auto.

The Autonomous

Event for the global community shaping the future of safe autonomous mobility.

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