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MotionWise completes functional safety assessment
MotionWise completes functional safety assessment

Modern cars integrate a vast number of different functions that bring the full driving experience to end users. Their selection criteria for a new car are both the quantity and the quality of the integrated functions, but with one ultimate condition – safety in all situations and circumstances. At TTTech Auto, we don’t mean only claiming safety to a certain degree, we mean proving safety. ...

Major tech and automotive industry players partner to jointly master autonomous mobility

According to PWC, car manufacturers’ R&D costs have increased significantly due to the rise of electric, connected and ...

Industry guide for coordinating safe autonomous driving released

The rise of autonomous vehicle technology has resulted in a rich ecosystem shaped by competition. In this ecosystem, individual ...

Interview: How strategic investments help to develop Europes key industrial technologies

With the advent of connectivity, electrification, automated driving, and shared mobility, the global automotive industry has ...

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