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TTTech Auto announces cooperation with BMW
TTTech Auto announces cooperation with BMW

Together with TTTech Auto, BMW will develop functional applications that aim to bring automated driving level 3 and 4 to highways until 2021, enhancing safety and comfort for the driver and passengers. TTTech Auto contributes its extensive cross-industry software and functional safety experience to this project. For BMW, the next goal is to bring automated

Partnerships and products: TTTech at CES

Automated driving continues to be one of the hottest topics also at CES, and TTTech is part of this development. MotionWise, our ...

Samsung and TTTech: Partners for a Safer Car Experience

Samsung and TTTech unveiled details of their strategic partnership and talked about why collaboration and openness are the most ...

Audi Explains “Mastermind” for Piloted Driving

The platform ECU “zFAS” premiered in the recently introduced Audi A8. Audi is the first car manufacturer to realize a central ...

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22nd International Congress Automotive Electronics in Ludwigsburg
June 19 - June 20, 2018

Join TTTech at booth # 18 during the International Congress of Automotive Electronics in Ludwigsburg,

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