Automotive Devices

    • PM-200

      The PM-200 sets the bar considerably higher on the topic of safeguarding and troubleshooting vehicles.

    • PT-20MG

      The PT-20MG expands the PM-200 data logger from the Power Family by adding six 1000BASE-T1 automotive gigabit Ethernet interfaces.

    • PT-15B

      Its twelve 100base-T1 (BroadR-Reach®) interface packets enable logging of up to 6 Automotive Ethernet point-to point connections which are looped through the PT-15B.

    • TTC 2300 Family

      The TTC 2300 family includes mid-sized control units that are functional, safety-certified, enable high performance, and support faster development cycles.

    • TTC 500 Family

      The TTC 500 family consists of high-end safety control units designed to satisfy upcoming needs for a wide range of high-end applications in the automotive industry.

    • TTC 94

      The TTC 94 is an extremely robust and powerful electronic control unit for use in automotive applications.

    • TTC 30S / 32S

      The TTC 30SH and 32S are very compact safety control units specially developed for use in cost-sensitive applications or smaller vehicles.

    • TTC 48XS

      TTC 48XS is an intelligent safety I/O module for extending the number of I/Os in automotive applications.

    • TTC 30XSH

      TTC 30XSH is a very compact safety I/O module for extending the number of I/Os in automotive applications.

    • Vision 3

      The Vision 3 is the third rugged operator interface generation, available as a single core processor variant and as an advanced Plus variant with 4-Core-CPU and an enhanced set of interfaces.

    • eVision² 7.0

      The eVision² 7.0 is the smaller 7-inch version of our family of highly robust operator interfaces for the automotive and mobile machinery market.

  • RazorMotion implements a design close to series requirements which enables it to be used during the development process as well as during the testing phase in vehicles.