Arion IP Evaluation Platform

Automotive Ethernet Switch IP for Advanced Automotive Architectures

TTTech’s Arion IP Evaluation Platform is an Ethernet switch IP core technology demonstrator based on our proven automotive Ethernet switch IP designed for advanced integrated applications in the automotive sector. This IP enables efficient design and integration of future automotive E/E architectures at lower BOM costs and with higher maximum network bandwidth utilization.

The Arion IP is designed to allow OEMs and Tier 1s to integrate more functions at lower backbone communication line speed and supports robust integration without interferences. It supports scalable packet inspection and future advanced protocol extensions.

The Arion IP enables full compliance with OpenTC11 and IEEE TSN protocols (802.1Qci, 802.1CB, 802.1Qbv, 802.1AS) to support mixed soft-time, real-time and hard real-time traffic. A flexible and user-friendly switch configuration tool is included.

Key Benefits

  • Demonstrates automotive Ethernet switch IP core technology with advanced IEEE TSN implementation for efficient design and integration of domain/zonal architectures
  • Enables evaluation of complete hardware and software package with pre-installed switch configuration GUI tool
  • Enables soft-time and real-time mixed operation and capabilities of different Ethernet services integrated on one device
  • Availability: Q2 / 2021

IEEE 802.1AS and IEEE 1588 v2 Time Synch

Profile of IEEE 1588 v2 for synchronization of clocks in the network. Supports timing requirements for scheduled TSN networks with gPTP / 802.1AS, and TC P2P.

IEEE 802.1Qci Filtering and Policing

Protects against faulty and/or malicious endpoints and switches. Isolates faults to specific regions in the network. MEF 10.3 three-color policing and time-window policing for fast control loops and non-interference.

IEEE 802.1Qbv Enhancements for Scheduled Traffic

Enables accurate timing control and design of deterministic embedded applications.

IEEE 802.1CB Seamless Redundancy

Enables seamless redundancy for increased network availability. Allows for multi-path and network redundancy for individual TSN streams.

Deep Packet Inspection

Enables scalable packet content inspection and integration and design of security solutions.

Statistics and Extended Monitoring Options

Simplifies integration and verification of network integration.


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