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The HY-TTC 90 is a generic, versatile security control unit. It is also suitable for the implementation of safety-related systems. The most powerful controller of the HY-TTC 50 family contains a main CPU, which executes the application, and a monitoring CPU. The electronic circuits are protected by a compact aluminum die-cast housing. The devices are either programmed in C or in CODESYS®. With a corresponding C code generator, MATLAB® code can be easily integrated.

  • As a Vehicle Control Unit (VCU), the HY-TTC 90 is already in use in Aptera 2e. Its integrated monitoring CPU continuously monitors all safety-related inputs and outputs. In case of error, it transfers the application to a pre-defined safe state.
  • As a Battery Management System (BMS) Master in the battery concept of Akasol Engineering, HY-TTC-90 assumes the overall battery control and monitoring of all safety-related functions.
  • As Torque Supervising Unit (TSU) the control unit acts as an add-on watchdog unit, which evaluates the actual torque produced with the help of analysis of the electrical signals of different components in the drivetrain. The actual torque produced is determined and continuously monitored by a comparison with the desired torque. The TSU has been used successfully in a fleet in various electric vehicles.