Safety Software for Automated Driving

Automated driving is the decisive trend for the automotive industry. Technological progress is making it possible to create a new driving experience that holds manifold advantages for society and economy. A reduced number of accidents, enabling mobility for elderly and disabled people, as well as reducing traffic jams and thus environmental pollution. This development of course also bears economic potential. On the one hand, the time previously spent with actively driving can be turned into additional time for productivity or leisure to recharge the passenger’s batteries for upcoming meetings or other activities. The overall global economic benefit of autonomous vehicles is estimated to amount to 3.5 billion $ until 2025.[1]

This potential is changing the face of an entire industry. Realizing safety software for automated driving systems is more than developing applications and algorithms – it is a venture that requires know-how in many areas. Strong technological partnerships and a rich ecosystem will be key for car manufacturers and OEMs when developing safe systems and staying at pace with the rapid technological innovation. These safety software platforms orchestrate automated driving and act as the heart of a new generation of in-vehicle architectures. Creating these safe environments requires networking and safety know-how derived from experience in safety-critical applications.

[1] Source: Cars 2025: Vol.3 „Monetizing the rise of Autonomous Vehicles“ by Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research