Webinar:Optimize your driverless technology strategy and achieve your business goals with MotionWise

Optimize your driverless technology strategy and achieve your business goals with MotionWise


  • Marc Lang As Senior Global  VP Sales & Marketing at TTTech Auto, Marc Lang has been driving sales, business development and marketing for the automotive industry segment from 2003 (first for the automotive business unit within TTTech Group, and, from 2018 onwards, within the newly founded TTTech Auto).

    Apart from closing series projects with large OEMs and Tier 1s across Europe and Asia, Marc Lang is also responsible for creating and executing ambitious go-to-market strategies, leveraging business opportunities, strengthening the partner eco-system and reacting to trends and changes in market requirements.

  • Georg Niedrist As Senior VP for Safety Products & Integration at TTTech Auto, Georg Niedrist is responsible for the implementation of all safety projects, including the MotionWise safety software platform for automated driving and all associated customer programs. He has held this role since the foundation of TTTech Auto in 2018.

    Since joining the TTTech Group in 2004, Georg Niedrist has been implementing customer projects in the areas of automotive, aerospace and off-highway vehicles, thus broadening his technological expertise. He shifted his focus on the automotive industry in 2008 and quickly became the technical head of the automotive business unit within TTTech Group.

Key take-aways

  • Achieve your business goals, while optimizing your driverless technology strategy
  • Unlock opportunities and benefits of a platform-centric solution for automated driving for OEMs and Tier 1s
  • Minimize development and deployment risks of your driverless programs and achieve faster ROI
  • Resolve traditional driverless software scheduling challenges with MotionWise safety software platform from TTTech Auto