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How to solve Challenges in designing fail-operational
AD architectures

How to solve challenges in designing fail-operational AD architectures?

The automotive industry sets out to master automated driving use cases, which require a fail-operational performance. Therefore, the trend of building solutions based on concepts previously implemented in the automotive industry need to adapt. Consumer features drive the need for high integrity and high availability while redundancy and diversity are necessary, they are not easy to manage so we will outline a reference architecture to solve these challenges.

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    • At TTTech Auto, Moritz works on concepts for fail-operational system architectures in the field of autonomous driving. He started as a project engineer at TTTech Auto, working in software and algorithm development and gained comprehensive technological knowledge in software and hardware related to autonomous driving. In his current role as system architect for autonomous driving, Moritz has also taken on tasks regarding system-level concepts and safety.

    Key take-aways

    • Enable state-of-the-art consumer features that request high integrity and high availability
    • Learn how to manage necessary redundancy and diversity
    • Receive an outline of a reference architecture and its properties

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