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The complexity of building fail-operational, hard real-time systems for highly/fully automated driving

Presented at Safetronic.2020

As we move towards fully automated driving use cases, requiring fail-operational behavior of the system, we suggest building solutions based on a proven, software-defined, highly modular and highly integrated platform. This software platform is based on built in functional safety, real-time orchestration and seamless integration of application software – that way contributing to get the complexity of highly/fully automated driving use cases under control.

The complexity of building fail-operational, hard real-time systems for highly/fully automated driving

  • Current need for fail-operational system design
  • Smart redundancy for high availability
  • Example architecture for highly/fully automated driving

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    • As a functional safety expert and the director of the Lead Engineering & Safety Team at TTTech Auto, Eric Schmidt is steering the functional safety design and processes according to the ISO 26262 standard for advanced automated driving projects. Working alongside our customers in this multi-disciplinary domain, Eric is responsible for the conceptualization and execution of TTTech Auto’s safety by design approach to streamline the safety process. This approach resulted in the first ASIL D certified platform, developed according to the ISO 26262 standard on the market.

      Over the course of his career, he has accumulated vast knowledge and experience in functional safety related development, e.g. by being part of the first implementation of the “3 Level E-gas concept”. Eric joined the TTTech Group in 2003.

    The lessons learned

    • What fail-operational system designs are and why they are needed for highly/fully automated driving
    • What an example architecture with smart redundancy looks like and which elements are necessary for highly/fully automated driving

    About Safetronic.2020

    This webinar was part of the Safetronic.2020 event.

    The 19th international conference Safetronic presents an update on current trends and developments in automotive functional safety like ISO 26262, SOTIF as well as autonomous driving and artificial intelligence. The conference offers a rewarding exchange with experts of well-known companies and the excellent opportunity to connect with partners. Next to firsthand and best practice reports of leading OEMs and the supplier industry, the event will be accompanied by interactive formats and an exhibition.

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