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Time-aware architecture and its contribution to ADAS/AD systems

Time-aware architecture and its contribution to ADAS/AD systems

The automotive industry is changing rapidly from one function appliances to a software platform by sourcing best-in-class solution elements with faster innovation cycles. Time-aware architecture can significantly accelerate the development of safe ADAS/AD systems


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    • Eric Schmidt studied Applied Physics at the Technical University Vienna/Austria. He began his professional career at Bosch as a software developer for Diesel engine control units in 1991 where he was involved in functional safety-related development activities from the very beginning (e.g. the first implementation of the “3 level E-GAS concept”) and later became the leader of a development team. In 2003 he joined TTTech where he was the senior project manager for the FlexRay series introduction program and advanced to the position Director ‘Lead Engineering & Safety’. He contributes to several advanced automotive projects (e.g. electric drivetrain monitoring, safe electric motor control, advanced driver assistance platform) within TTTech Auto AG as a functional safety expert.

    Key take-aways

    • Learn about the trend towards software-defined, highly modular, converged and service-oriented platforms
    • How to build stable, hard real-time systems out of that hat fulfill all computation chains?
    • Find out how time-aware architectures accelerate the development and pave the way to autonomous driving