TTTech Auto announces cooperation with BMW

Together with TTTech Auto, BMW will develop functional applications that aim to bring automated driving level 3 and 4 to highways until 2021, enhancing safety and comfort for the driver and passengers. TTTech Auto contributes its extensive cross-industry software and functional safety experience to this project.

For BMW, the next goal is to bring automated driving level 3 and 4 to the roads until 2021 and prepare for level 5. Elmar Frickenstein, Senior Vice President for Fully Automated Driving and Driver Assistance at BMW commented on the new cooperation between BMW and TTTech Auto: “As we develop a modular, non-exclusive platform for autonomous driving, TTTech Auto’s expertise in functional and software safety and security is extremely valuable. Together, we are determined to bring safe Level 3 automated driving to the market in 2021. We are excited to be working together here at our new BMW Group Autonomous Driving Campus.”

The functional applications to be developed with TTTech Auto will tackle demanding new functionalities that enhance safety and will create a completely new driving experience. TTTech Auto’s automotive experts have already gained extensive experience in automated driving programs with several key industry players and successfully developed the safety software platform MotionWise for series production. Stefan Poledna, member of the executive board at TTTech Auto: “We are very proud that we will be able to contribute with our software and safety know-how to BMW’s automated driving program that is open for partners. Our engineering team is excited to working with BMW and its partners to bring this highly advanced driving project safely on the road.”

With BMW, TTTech Auto is entering another close partnership with a global key player in the automotive industry and a distinguished premium OEM. TTTech Auto is currently establishing a new team on-site in Munich and is looking for talented and motivated new employees to strengthen TTTech Auto’s excellent engineering workforce.

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