TTTech Introduces Modular Platform for Automated Driving

TTTech presented its modular platform dedicated to bringing automated driving projects faster on the road at the International Congress on Advances in Automotive Electronics in Ludwigsburg, Germany. The platform consists of embedded software, tools, prototype hardware and premium services that can be individually combined to fit specific needs. The series-proven software framework MotionWise is a scalable software platform for automated driving up to level 5. It guarantees a smooth integration process and ISO 26262 ASIL D safety. The offer also includes two prototype ECUs which can be used as an A-sample to reduce time to market.

On the road to automated driving, car manufacturers, OEMs and tier 1 suppliers face multiple challenges. Complex software integration processes and the need to fulfill highest safety requirements can be roadblocks when trying to turn innovative ideas into series productions reality. “Thanks to our long-standing development experience in the automotive industry, we know the challenges when it comes to realizing automated driving projects,” explains Stefan Poledna, Member of the Executive Board at TTTech. “We are now able to offer a scalable, highly-efficient software platform solution that speeds up automated driving projects. Our modular solution is scalable and perfectly matches performance and safety requirements.”

The software platform MotionWise is the centerpiece of TTTech’s highly efficient solution. It is based on more than 15 years of experience in safety-critical networked real-time computing platforms ranging from civil fly-by-wire planes over space and industrial to automotive. Now it is deployed in the first production programs addressing level 3 automation. The MotionWise architecture also eases integration and validation of applications by performing a separation and management of the available resources. MotionWise offers a comprehensive set of system and integration services, providing a homogeneous platform out of SoCs of different safety or performance classes. MotionWise can be scaled from level 2 to level 5 automated driving.

TTTech also offers prototyping development ECUs together with silicon partners for application development and evaluation. RazorMotion (based on chipsets from Renesas) and AthosMotion (based on chipsets from Infineon and Intel) prototype ECUs come with the ready-to-run MotionWise software platform. These ECUs are ready to act as an A-sample to reduce time to market for development projects. Both ECUs are based on a safety concept up to ISO 26262 ASIL D and support a Deterministic Ethernet backbone.

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