TTTech’s Multi-Disciplinary Partnership with Audi Pushes Envelope for Autonomous Cars

The latest issue of Automotive Industries highlights TTTech’s partnership with Audi for an Advanced Driver Assistance System Platform in an editorial titled “Multi-disciplinary partnership pushes the envelope for autonomous cars”.

The article points out that the cooperation of Audi, TTTech and other high-tech suppliers demonstrates the convergence of information and control technology. The partnership resulted in a highly integrated platform ECU named zFAS, which is based on a complex multicore network. zFAS successfully integrated safety-relevant applications in an intelligent way.

“Our goal is leadership in piloted parking and piloted driving. For this purpose TTTech and Audi are developing a highly advanced high performance central electronic control unit,” said Ricky Hudi, Head of Electronics. “It will feature performance and computing capacity superior to the entire electronic architecture of today’s Audi A4. With this high performance system we are entering the path towards piloted parking and driving in an entirely connected world,” he further stated in a press release by Audi.

“We are proud to leap forward with our cross-industry-proven core technology components towards Audi’s vision of piloted driving,” said Stefan Poledna, co-founder and member of TTTech’s executive board.

Automotive Industries also spoke to Marc Lang, Director Business Development & Sales at TTTech Automotive, and Georg Niedrist, Director Products and Projects at TTTech Automotive, about the breakthroughs that TTTech has achieved with Audi in the field of piloted driving.

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