TUfast eco team of TU Munich presents the autonomous high-efficiency racing vehicle “muc019” supported by TTTech Auto

The TUfast eco team, a group of highly motivated students of TU Munich, develops their own race car every year to compete in international race events. TTTech Auto supported the TUfast team by providing hard- and software as well as expertise on autonomous driving for this season’s racing car. At the end of April, TUfast was able to present the muc019 (“Munich Urban Concept 019”) eco racing car featuring an autonomous system capable of successfully mastering parking maneuvers and slalom driving. The team is now ready for the upcoming international competitions to prove the efficiency of their vehicle, starting this week in France.

The muc019

The TUfast eco team was founded in 2009 as a subteam of the Munich based TUfast racing team to compete against other student teams in international efficiency competitions. After building knee-high cigar-shaped prototypes in the beginning, the team focuses on urban concept cars today. With an upright sitting position, space for one or two riders, mirrors, turn signals and windscreen wipers, concept cars resemble modern compact cars suitable for inner city driving.

Together with the TTTech Auto experts, the team was able to expand their vehicles’ autonomous system significantly over the past year. The students implemented image processing using automotive development platforms from TTTech Auto and visited the company site in Novi Sad, Serbia, for an introduction on the hard- and software sponsored by TTTech Auto. Presenting their muc019 eco racing car in a roll-out event, the team is particularly proud to have improved this year’s vehicle in respect of every single component. Not a single component has remained the same as last year, resulting in a weight reduction of 20 kilograms compared to the vehicle’s predecessor. With their light-weight car of only 63 kilograms, the team starts off into the competition season, beginning with the EducEco in France, the Shell Challenger Event in the Netherlands and the biggest competition, the Shell Eco Marathon, taking place in the UK with about 150 teams from around the world. Depending on the competition, the eco vehicles compete in terms of the lowest electricity consumption on a fixed route or the mastering of a series of parcours by autonomous systems.

The TTTech Auto team at the prime fair career event in Munich

TTTech Auto is glad to contribute to this exciting project and to be able to exchange ideas with ambitious, young engineers. Also, the TTTech recruiting team took the opportunity to participate in the TUfast career event prime fair and had interesting talks with some potential new employees. TTTech Auto is looking forward to an exciting racing season and wishes the team all the best in the upcoming competitions.

The muc019 will participate in the following competitions:

May 16-18, 2019

Shell Eco-Marathon The Netherlands
May 22-25, 2019
Berghem, Netherlands

Shell Eco Marathon Europe
July 2-5, 2019
Weybridge, UK

The muc019 trailer:


    The TUfast eco team proudly presented the muc019.