Big congratulations to our customer Audi for winning Automotive News’ PACE Award for Innovative Partnership

TTTech Auto is extending warm congratulations to our customer Audi for being honored with the prestigious Automotive News PACE award in the category “Innovative Partnership” on April 8, 2019 in Detroit, Michigan for the innovative way of cooperating with partners on the zFAS platform.

Central Driver Assistance Controller © AUDI AG

Photo: central driver assistance controller (zFAS), © AUDI AG

zFAS is the central driver assistance controller specifically targeted at automated driving use cases. The zFAS bundles the management capabilities of a large number of driver assistance systems’ software functions in one central, highly integrated domain architecture. TTTech Auto has witnessed a ground-breaking way of collaboration of all involved parties that is necessary to deliver such a complex, sophisticated system.

“I would like to express congratulations to our customer Audi for such an important industry award. I further want to thank Audi for acknowledging TTTech Auto as a key partner for delivering and integrating the underlying safety software platform and for our efforts in the integration and validation process of more than 35 different applications coming from 15 vendors to the zFAS platform. We have taken the key learnings from this project implementation and incorporated them into our MotionWise safety software platform, so they are now available for the whole market,” said Marc Lang, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing Automotive at TTTech Auto.

A high level of innovation and the introduction of new technologies with the aim of designing smarter vehicles are driving the automotive industry forward. Due to this, the traditional value chain in the automotive industry is disrupted, as new participants, such as software companies, enter the market. The different style of collaboration between all parties involved in the project and its success suggest that the industry has already found a new way of delivering highly innovative and disruptive solutions and of executing them in a way worthy of recognition.

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