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TTTech Auto provides safety solutions for next generation cars. We specialize in software, hardware and services for driver assistance and autonomous mobility. Our innovative technology is series-proven in millions of vehicles worldwide.

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MotionWise, our Safety Solution

  • Achieves a predictable time to market by ensuring system integration 
  • Provides safe execution & communication in the vehicle, certified up to ISO 26262 ASIL D
  • Reliably manages and monitors computational resources in the vehicle 
MotionWise Middleware Safety Platform


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We Create Safety by Design  

  • Renowned safety experts in the automotive industry
  • Over 25 years of applied safety experience, cross-industry
  • Ensure safety of both hardware and software
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Our Solutions are in Mass Production

  • We equipped the first ADAS and AD high performance compute controller with safety middleware
  • Our solutions enable the safety of millions of cars, globally
  • Terabytes of data run daily through our time sensitive networks
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We are Leaders in Innovation 

  • Delivered first ISO 26262 ASIL D certified automotive system to the market
  • Revolutionized real-time safety design with deterministic architectures 
  • Lead the development of robust communication protocols for embedded systems

Our Portfolio

MotionWise Safety Software Platform

Software Products

Achieve a predictable time to market for your automotive software with our MotionWise Vehicle Software Platform. We warrant functional safety through a safe execution environment and ensure predictable integration results.

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TTTech Auto Hardware

Hardware Products

Accelerate your development projects to reach SOP of your ASIL D series programs faster with our prototype and off-the-shelf ECUs as well as our design & production services.

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Services and Solutions

Services & Solutions

Create your next generation vehicle with our software engineering and integration services. Our safety consulting services are specially focused on ADAS and L4 automated driving systems.

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“At TTTech Auto, safety is built into our DNA and is part of everything we do. We truly care about making the future of autonomous mobility safe.”

Dr. Dirk Linzmeier
Dirk Linzmeier, CEO

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