Hyundai Autron&TTTech Auto collaborate on safety software

Seoul, Republic of Korea and Vienna, Austria, October 14, 2019 - Hyundai Autron, a leading research and development company specializing in the field of electronic automotive control solutions and TTTech Auto, a global leader for safety software platforms for automated driving and beyond, have signed an agreement to collaborate on a joint safety software platform solution for series production programs in the area of automated driving. The solution will incorporate the Hyundai Motor standard software platform product offering and TTTech Auto’s series-proven safety software MotionWise as an integral part of an ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) / AD (Automated Driving) electronic control unit. For TTTech Auto, this project is another key design-in win after recent success stories in Europe and Asia.

Based in Seoul, Korea, Hyundai Autron is part of Hyundai Motor Group, specializing in the field of electronic automotive control solutions, including the development of automotive semiconductors, control units, and software for automotive electric and electronic control. Hyundai Autron is engaged with Hyundai Motors Company, Kia Motors Corporation, Hyundai Mobis, Mando Corporation and other global leaders, to develop the Hyundai Motor standard software platform based on the international AUTOSAR standard. This Hyundai Motor standard software platform product offering will be an integral part of the joint solution to be integrated in ADAS / AD electronic control units.

“Automated driving leads to the modularization of electronic systems and the implementation of new customer functions controlled by software only,” said Dae-Heung Moon, CEO at Hyundai Autron. “Together with the safety experts from TTTech Auto we are able to provide a reliable and modular platform architecture as the basis of a central domain ECU for automated driving.”

The Austrian company TTTech Auto specializes in safe software and hardware platforms for automated driving and beyond. TTTech Auto’s flagship product is MotionWise, a scalable safety software platform that acts as the safety mastermind for automated driving within a vehicle architecture. This important cooperation for volume production programs with the leading and successful Korean OEMs, Hyundai Motors Company and Kia Motor Corporation, is another milestone to further extend TTTech Auto’s software ecosystem based on MotionWise.

“Based on our long-standing  experience in the development of the software and safety architecture of ADAS / AD electronic control units, we have gained a solid understanding of the market needs in terms of safety, scalability and accelerating the time-to-market,” said Georg Kopetz, CEO at TTTech Auto. “The rich feature set of the Hyundai Motor standard software platform is a perfect complimentary fit to the advanced capabilities of our mass-production proven MotionWise safety solution. We are proud to collaborate with Hyundai Autron to provide the most advanced safety software platform for automated driving to Hyundai Kia Motor Corporation and its Tier 1 partners.”

About Hyundai Autron Since 2012, Hyundai Autron has been walking the way of the pioneer and leading advanced technologies in the field of electronic controls. With proprietary technology, the company has developed powertrain control units, transmission control units, and eco-friendly control units as well as body and chassis control units incorporating a standard software platform (AUTOSAR, Hyundai Motor standard software platform) and high-tech control logic. The company has also been leading semiconductor technology, which is a key part of automotive electronic controls. The company has aimed to offer differentiated value in mobility through the development of semiconductors, control units and software for automotive electric and electronic control fields. Based on mobility, Hyundai Autron will continue its challenge to develop new integrated electronic control solutions that connect people and the world, providing new possibilities beyond the boundaries of space.

About TTTech Auto TTTech Auto provides solutions for the challenges of future vehicle generations. The company specializes in safe software and hardware platforms for automated driving and beyond, applicable in series production programs. With our leading technology solutions, we ensure safety and electronic robustness for a more automated world. TTTech Auto operates under the umbrella of the TTTech Group, a technology leader in robust networking and safety controls, with cross-industry experience from more than 20 years of operation. The TTTech Group is headquartered in Vienna, Austria and is also present in several locations in Europe, the United States, and Asia.

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