MotionWise completes functional safety assessment

Modern cars integrate a vast number of different functions that bring the full driving experience to end users. Their selection criteria for a new car are both the quantity and the quality of the integrated functions, but with one ultimate condition – safety in all situations and circumstances. At TTTech Auto, we don’t mean only claiming safety to a certain degree, we mean proving safety. For this, we comply with the highest possible safety standards set by the automotive industry.

Our safety story begins with zFAS, a central driver assistance controller from Audi, with its integrated safety software platform from TTTech Auto, that ensures the guaranteed and safe operation of the system. The initial functional safety assessment for the zFAS Electronic Control Unit (ECU) was signed in April 2018 to demonstrate the compliance with ISO 26262 ASIL D. Since then we have continued developing our solution and ensuring safety to our customers. Our safety software platform has thus evolved with new features and capabilities into MotionWise.

Following the safety path, as with zFAS, MotionWise has once more gone through the extensive certification process, this time adding more capabilities to prove its production-ready value. The latest functional safety assessment, according to ISO 26262 ASIL D, supports MotionWise and proves that the safety life cycle has been completed.

The MotionWise safety case provides a systematic and detailed approach to demonstrate compliance with the ISO 26262 standard. Starting from the claim that MotionWise is safe, this structure follows the hierarchy of claims and arguments that support this overall goal. Furthermore, all the claims and arguments are supported by an extensive set of evidence, giving our safety story not only a successful sequel but also the required credibility as a response to the trust that our customers have for us.


MotionWise Claim Tree


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