Partnerships and products: TTTech at CES

Automated driving continues to be one of the hottest topics also at CES, and TTTech is part of this development. MotionWise, our safety software framework for automated driving, is empowering products our partners Samsung and NVIDIA have introduced during the last days.

Every year, technology pioneers and business leaders gather in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), introducing groundbreaking technologies and products that will shape the future. Samsung and NVIDIA both unveiled solutions for automated driving, powered by TTTech's MotionWise safety software framework. We are proud that Samsung and NVIDIA are partners on our mission to making automated driving a reality. During the show we also got the chance to speak with members of our growing automotive ecosystem.


Samsung introduced its new open, modular and scalable DRVLINE platform during CES. A valuable proposition for automakers, which can now integrate best-in-class technology into vehicles currently on the market while building a foundation for fleets of the future. The software can be customized or enhanced, and individual components and technologies can be swapped in and out according to need. TTTech is part of Samsung's ecosystem and contributed the MotionWise safety software framework.

A demonstrator of our groundbreaking in-car compute solution featuring MotionWise is featured on the HARMAN booth at CES. We would like to thank Samsung and HARMAN for giving us the opportunity to present our solution as well as our partners Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), Baselabs, Dibotics and Intempora for contributing to our demo.

Video - Beyond automated driving: In-car compute

NVIDIA announces AI self-driving platform

NVIDIA today announced NVIDIA DRIVE with Max-S, an AI autonomous vehicle platform that enables the safe operation of an AI self-driving vehicle. NVIDIA DRIVE with Max-S is a holistic platform that includes process, technologies (design, software, and algorithms), and simulation systems. DRIVE OS integrates Blackberry QNX, an ASIL-D safety-certified, real-time operating system along with TTTech’s MotionWise safety application framework which encapsulates each application from each other while providing real-time computing capability. NVIDIA has also announced cooperations with Aurora, VW and Uber during its pre-CES event.

TTTech's ecosystem at CES

Realizing automated driving is a venture that would not be possible without our ecosystem of partners originating from different domains. TTTech is happy to have the opportunity to showcase our products at the Renesas and ARM booth. We also caught up with our partners NXP and Infineon during the fair, with whom we had fruitful discussions. Dibotics has announced that we will be collaborating to integrate augmented LiDAR technology under the MotionWise framework. We are looking forward to working with Dibotics and their cutting-edge solution. We would like to thank all our partners for giving us the opportunity to be present with our products and demonstrators during the prestigious CES in Las Vegas.  

Read more about Samsung DRVLINE in their press release

A recap and the full recording of NVIDIA’s pre-CES show is available on the NVIDIA blog

Our video about in-car compute premiered at CES – watch it here

TTTech and Dibotics announce collaboration for the integration of an Augmented LiDARTM


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