SAIC Z-ONE announces collaboration with Technomous

SAIC Motor Corporation’s software arm SAIC Z-ONE has announced a collaboration with Technomous (a joint venture between SAIC and TTTech Auto), this collaboration intends to develop a cloud-pipe-device integrated smart cabin HPC (high performance computing) based on SAIC Z-ONE's Galaxy Full-stack Solution 3.0.

Through this collaboration, the Z-ONE software platform will be enabled to orchestrate and safeguard mission-critical system and driving functions by utilizing MotionWise as crucial, integrated platform component. This enables application development partners to integrate their applications on Z-Ones SOA platform without compromising or endangering mission-critical functions. The platform ensures that computation chains throughout the E/E architecture are visible, and can be configured with predictable timing guarantees. The freedom of an open partner ecosystem is not compromising the overall automated driving safety.

TTTech Auto as a Joint Venture partner in Technomous, brings in market-leading competence in assuring safety and control of the complete E/E environment in the vehicle and beyond. TTTech Auto understands and establishes reliably safe systems, including expertise in system and software design, managing critical system resources such as network bandwidth, core HW performance and memory management, as well as efficiently orchestrating user functions throughout modern E/E architectures.

With MotionWise integrated as a base component, Z-ONE achieves a safe and complete application platform foundation to integrate all functions in mixed criticality E/E architectures and across all ECUs.

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