TTTech Auto and FH Campus Wien jointly initialized academic course to build up knowledge about safety

Functional safety is a major prerequisite for autonomous and highly automated driving. With that in mind, TTTech Auto and FH Campus Wien have initialized the academic course “Functional Safety for ISO 26262”. The advanced training has been specially developed by the Vienna Institute for Safety and Systems Engineering (VISSE) of the FH Campus Wien in cooperation with TTTech Auto. The first course started in autumn 2020 with 24 participants from TTTech Auto offices in Spain, Germany, Austria, Turkey and Serbia. Despite the pandemic and lockdown, they will complete the course as “Academic Safety Engineers” at the end of the summer semester as planned.

TTTech Auto: Safety for the next generation of automobiles

TTTech Auto specializes in safety software and, with MotionWise, has developed a series-proven software platform for automated driving. Within the company, the necessary knowledge about the central safety standard for road vehicles ISO 26262 must be continuously maintained and expanded. For this purpose, this international course was created in cooperation with the safety experts from the FH Campus Wien. The course exclusively caters to software engineers from the TTTech Auto locations. As an international company with over 1,200 employees, TTTech Auto is represented in Austria, Germany, Spain, Central and Eastern Europe as well as Asia and the USA. 

Nikola Teslic, Senior Vice President Customer Programs & Engineering 

“We are pleased to partner with the Vienna Institute for Safety and Systems Engineering of the FH Campus Wien,” says Nikola Teslic, Senior Vice President Customer Programs & Engineering at TTTech Auto. “As a company that specializes in safety software for the highly demanding automotive industry, we are continuously training software engineers. With VISSE, the renowned institute and authority on functional safety, we are planting the seed for the future knowledge base and training center to help us spread the know-how in the area of functional safety across the TTTech Auto geographies.”

Despite the pandemic: norms, standards and new safety methods


With 7,000 students FH Campus Wien is Austria's biggest university of applied sciences

The 24 participants acquire safety knowledge in the area of ​​functional safety and higher-level system safety. One focus area of the course is the norms and standards for the automotive sector, especially ISO 26262. The prospective safety engineers get to know systematic and methodical procedures to be able to independently develop solution concepts in terms of inherent system safety. In addition, they deepen their knowledge of project and process management (ASPICE) tailored to the safety-critical area. The organization of the course with strong e-learning elements turned out to be a stroke of luck: despite the corona pandemic and lockdowns in the participants' countries of origin, the training continued without restrictions. The participants will complete the course at the end of the summer semester. "This means that the employees of TTTech Auto are right at the forefront when it comes to safety and learn the latest research," says Hans Tschürtz.

VISSE competence center: close cooperation with industry

The researchers at the VISSE have been closely working on the topic “safety” on several projects with companies from the industry for over 15 years. As the first address for safety - both for functional safety and for the newer approach of inherent system safety - the VISSE designed the two-semester academic course “Functional Safety for ISO 26262” following the high requirements of TTTech Auto and set it up together with the company. "Our cooperation is a fine example of the fact that universities and industry are not being deterred by the pandemic to continue consistently together and to build up knowledge for the future across national borders," says Hans Tschürtz, head of the VISSE and the Master's degree in Safety and Systems Engineering.

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