TTTech Auto and ZettaScale start collaboration on DDS network protocol

TTTech Auto and ZettaScale Technology announce their alliance to provide cutting-edge communication technologies for software-defined vehicles. The upcoming software solution will enable flexible and safe application development. It will serve as a foundation to enable the extension of the vehicle life cycle via after-sales application updates. The partnership includes an investment by TTTech Auto in ZettaScale Technology as part of TTTech Auto’s inorganic growth strategy after its funding round earlier this year. The investment is subject to regulatory approval.

The initial product of this collaboration will be the first European implementation of a Data Distribution Service (OMG DDS) that is safety-certified under ISO 26262 for use in series cars. The MotionWise Cyclone DDS network protocol will ensure safe and quality-guaranteed communication in real-time within the entire vehicle.

To achieve this, both partners will combine ZettaScale’s open-source Cyclone DDS with TTTech Auto's Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) and safe real-time software expertise. With DDS already widely used by open-source developer communities, such as for the ROS2 robotics operating system, MotionWise Cyclone DDS will be able to attract new talent to help car manufacturers develop safe and resilient in-vehicle communication.

“System-wide safety is one of the biggest challenges for highly automated driving,” says Friedhelm Pickhard, Chief Growth Officer of TTTech Auto. “MotionWise Cyclone DDS will help car manufacturers to reduce time-to-value while guaranteeing the overall system safety and providing excellent UX, flexibility, security and end-to-end vehicle properties. Together with ZettaScale, we will develop the next industry standard for safety and reliability in the rapidly evolving field of autonomous driving. Standards and open-source technology are the cornerstones of safety and performance.”


At the signing event (from left to right): Friedhelm Pickhard, CGO TTTech Auto; Georg Kopetz, CEO TTTech Auto; Angelo Corsaro, CEO ZettaScale Technologies; Jim Liu, CEO ADLINK Technologies; Stefan Poledna, CTO TTTech Auto; Harald Triplat, CFO TTTech Auto | Copyright: TTTech Auto

Angelo Corsaro, CEO ZettaScale Technology

“In TTTech Auto, we found the ideal partner to develop Cyclone DDS for the automotive market,” says Angelo Corsaro, CEO of ZettaScale Technology. Thanks to the vivid open-source community, Cyclone DDS’ real-time abilities and TTTech Auto’s safety expertise, we will create a product that will truly stand out in the market. We aim to expand the capabilities of software-defined vehicles by improving V2X communication and bringing edge computing support through the cutting-edge communication protocol Zenoh.”

Patrik Fiegl, Senior Vice President of Strategic Product Management at TTTech Auto

"By including a DDS technology component in our TTTech portfolio, we will deliver on our modularization strategy for the entire MotionWise vehicle software platform," says Patrik Fiegl, Senior Vice President of Strategic Product Management at TTTech Auto. "This means we are converting MotionWise into an individually consumable set of software services and tools that can be used and combined to build vehicle operating systems with well-defined attributes for system safety and performance."

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