UP2DATE project achieves first milestones towards safe and secure over-the-air software updates

Car and rail Over-the-Air software updates may soon become safer and more secure thanks to the EU-funded UP2DATE project.  Kicked off at the start of 2020 in Bologna, UP2DATE is funded with a total of about €3 800 000 and includes a multi-disciplinary consortium from four EU countries. TTTech Auto brings its expertise in the area of series-proven safety software platforms for automated driving.

The research project aims to provide nothing less than a new software paradigm for SAfe and SEcure (SASE) Over-the-Air software updates of mixed-criticality cyber-physical systems (MCCPS). This also includes assessment of the associated safety and security verification and validation cost.

First promising project milestones were already presented this summer. These include the selection, setup and initial safety and security analysis of the hardware and software platforms. The project will focus on a variety of four platforms: two decided by direct requirements of the industrial users (Renesas RCar H3 and Infineon Tricore TC397) and two research heterogeneous platforms (the NVIDIA Xavier and the Zynq Ultrascale+).


UP2DATE project timeline: first milestones achieved

“Now that these first important milestones have been achieved, we look forward to entering the conceptional and development phases,” says Dr. Mohammed Abuteir, Up2DATE Project Manager at TTTech's Innovation Projects and Funding Management division, which coordinates project funding across the entire TTTech Group. “Finally, we will evaluate the framework generated within the project in railway and automotive use cases.”

TTTech Auto is contributing its know-how in safety aspects of the in-vehicle network to the Up2Date framework definition. TTTech Auto is also implementing the scheduling and services for allocating computation resources to functional software components. In the final project phase, TTTech Auto will be testing and evaluating the UP2DATE framework for automotive use-cases.

Among TTTech Auto, other consortium members include Barcelona Super Computing, CAF Signalling, IAV, Marelli, Offis and Ikerlan.

The project has received funding from the European Community’s H2020 program under grant agreement 871465.

Find out more:

Project overview: https://www.tttech.com/company/research-projects/eu-h2020/up2date

European Commission: http://h2020up2date.eu

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