The all-in-one data logger for the entire vehicle networking

The PM-200 sets the bar considerably higher on the topic of safeguarding and troubleshooting
vehicles. Bus systems such as CAN, CAN-FD, FlexRay™, LIN, MOST150 and Automotive
Ethernet are logged at a data speed up of to 120 MB/s. SSD removable media allow for quick
evaluation and distribution of the data. Various upgrade options enable configuration for any
application. Flexibility, programmability and support from debugging protocols make it possible
to meet the high demands of functionality and fleet tests as well as of test runs.

Diagnostic Log and Trace protocol specified by AUTOSAR 4.0

PM-200 is now offering a software option of collecting and analyzing debug messages and valuable information from infotainment ECUs via Diagnostic Log and Trace (DLT) protocol. This standardized logging and tracing software component, based on the AUTOSAR 4.0 standard, helps to consolidate the existing variety of logging and tracing protocols on one format.
This option can also be easily unlocked for existing data loggers by a simple software and license upgrade.

Key Benefits

  • SSDs in durable clip-on frames make handling large amounts of data a breeze, especially for fleets
  • Flexible upgrades via modular design: up to an additional 6 x Gigabits and 24 x BroadR-Reach Ethernet ports by connecting 2 Ethernet expansion modules (PT-15B)
  • Fast data interfaces (ePCIe and USB 3.0) to exchange data, device coupling and external storage media
  • Implement individual functions using Eclipse IDE (C/C++) and extensive API
  • Logs from IP video cameras (optional)
  • Open data format for evaluation purposes on numerous applications
  • Diagnostic Log and Trace protocol specified by AUTOSAR 4.0 available as software option

Service Area

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