MotionWise Safety Software Platform

MotionWise: Safe Vehicle Software Platform

MotionWise is a modular solution for software-defined vehicles.

It consists of:

  • a middleware ensuring the safe orchestration of vehicle software at runtime 
  • a comprehensive tool suite providing for rapid and predictable integration 
Safe workload orchestration

Safety Middleware

Safe workload orchestration at the system level

MotionWise ensures the safe and efficient distribution, execution and communication of mixed-criticality applications within and across SoCs.

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Accelerated Software Integration

Development Toolkit

Accelerated software integration with predictable outcomes

MotionWise enables rapid, secure and repeatable software development with a predictable integration result.

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Solution Offering



Real-time deterministic workload orchestration for service-oriented architectures, within and across domain control units. Classic and Adaptive AUTOSAR™, ROS2™, and DDS™ support. Comprehensive tool suite ensuring predictable integration results.


MotionWise Classic

Ensure safe execution management of AUTOSAR Classic™ ADAS/AD applications across processing cores in interoperability with established software and hardware standards.


Zetta Auto

A unified solution for in-vehicle and V2X communication for the automotive market, leveraging the power of Data Distribution Service (DDS), Time Sensitive Networking (TSN), and Zenoh protocol to ensure end-to-end communication properties.

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