TTTech Auto establishes Car.OS unit

TTTech Auto expands its development scope and adapts its structure based on three distinct pillars. These include a newly set-up Car.OS unit that will focus on this forward-looking technology, a scaled-up customer programs unit and a separated product development unit. The new corporate structure is part of TTTech Auto’s growth strategy and aims to enhance customer service and to unlock development capabilities in key technologies.

“Along with our corporate growth, we are expanding our development scope and setting clear focus to further professionalize,” says Georg Kopetz, CEO TTTech Auto. “To bolster the industry transition to the software-based car, we are bringing in senior experts and managers that deeply understand both: agile thinking and complex OEM processes.”

Georg Kopetz explains: “The scaled up, more customer-proximate and concerted customer unit will lead to even more efficient cooperation in development projects especially for the series development programs we are working on. At the same time, we keep focusing on the development of product innovations and new core technologies in a dedicated separate unit. In the area of Car.OS we will substantially contribute to the main concern of the overall industry: the platform first approach.”

A perfect extension of MotionWise – the series-proven software platform for automated driving

“The Car.OS division with the platform-first approach is a perfect extension of TTTech Auto’s flagship product MotionWise, a series-proven software platform for automated driving,” says Stefan Poledna, CTO of TTTech Auto. MotionWise provides unique integration and real-time orchestration of applications, global scheduling logic and tools. Using the platform, OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers can reduce their development, testing and validation complexity and ensure that essential safety and mission-criticality requirements can be met in both single and multi-SoC environments at reduced cost.

A Car Operating System for OEMs to allow flexible access to new digital business models 

The newly established unit for Car.OS aims to develop the best-in-class car operating system and will build up an ecosystem with different partners to enable seamless development for customers. TTTech Auto combines its experience from various series production programs to take the next step in building advanced electronic vehicle architectures. In the future, dedicated operating systems will be the cornerstone to unleash computing capacities for upcoming E/E architectures. Adopting this new electronic ecosystem will enable OEMs to independently launch features and functions in fast development cycles.

TTTech Auto appointed industry expert Matthias Rudolph as Senior Vice President of the Car.OS unit. He brings many years of experience in different management functions at Audi and Samsung and joined TTTech Auto from Samsung, where he was most recently the Vice President of the Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center and Head of Smart Machines.

“With the newly established Car.OS division, we are positioning TTTech Auto as a first-class partner for leading OEMs who want to take a platform-first approach and in the future flexibly access new business models in the area of digital services,” says Matthias Rudolph, Senior Vice President Car.OS at TTTech Auto. “For OEMs with smaller development capacities, we are intending to carry out individual Car.OS versions based on their needs and our expertise.”

TTTech Auto increased the number of its workforce by about 40% within 10 months to about 1,200 employees in September 2020. Part of the overall growth story are the acquisitions of RT-RK Automotive in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia–Herzegovina, Silicon Gears in Spain and Red Pine Software in Turkey.

TTTech Auto aims to build a Car.OS ecosystem to support seamless development for OEMs and other customers