MotionWise the future proof platform

Based on the system requirements given by the preferred level of automated driving, as well as different set of required functions, with MotionWise, you can scale architecture from basic to high-end functionality while having uniform services available on all hosts. MotionWise not only allows for the seamless integration of the applications running on top of the platform, but also enables swapping the applications without any additional systems integration requirements.

With MotionWise, OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers are introducing one solution which can be used for various programs and platform variants, use different application sets and run on different hardware sets while tackling various use cases, from chassis control domain, to automated driving and beyond. OEMs can now swap or integrate applications running on top of the platform seamlessly.

TTTech Auto has more than 20 years of experience with highly innovative and disruptive technologies in the safety critical and deterministic field and is equipped with the right systems integration skills, enabling innovative approaches on how to minimize the workload, empowering the customers to automate those efforts and easily integrate the applications themselves, as well as to test and validate. We also have experience in several complex ECU integration projects and track record with management of complete software release cycle including black-box integration and engineering. The smart design of our time-triggered architectures enables us to manage highest complexity levels and to seamlessly perform the integration services.

Whether we are talking about hardware, applications, or operating systems, we are vendor independent. We can make your solution work, while preventing vendor lock-in and ensuring flexibility built on best-in-class solutions. When tackling automated driving projects, it’s important to keep your path open for the future evolution of your solutions.