ECUs and displays

ECUs & Displays

TTTech Auto’s control units can be used seamlessly from prototype programs up to series production, allowing a wide range of applications where custom hardware development is not feasible. 


TTConnect 616

TTConnect 616 Configurable Switch is designed for application development and the support of Ethernet in-vehicle network architectures.

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N4 new

N4 – Network Controller

The N4 is a powerful ECU with advanced networking capabilities, well suited for modern E/E architectures and software-defined vehicles.

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TTC 2300 Family

The TTC 2300 family is the first member of a complete and scalable series of controllers designed to meet the needs of upcoming highly automated and smart vehicles.

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TTC 500 Family

The TTC 500 family consists of high-end safety control units designed to satisfy upcoming needs for a wide range of high-end applications in the automotive industry.

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TTC 94

TTC 94

The TTC 94 is an extremely robust and powerful electronic control unit for use in automotive applications. It is equipped with the Infineon XC2287M CPU, providing enhanced safety features for protecting internal RAM and flash.

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TTC 30SH / 32S

A powerful, yet cost-effective, electronic control unit. It has been designed to make each pin of the device configurable and as flexible as possible. For example, all output pins can be configured as inputs.

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Is a member of the TTC 30X family. Certified by TÜV Nord according to the EN 13849 standard and fulfills Performance Level c (PL c) requirements. Just as the other family members this certified unit must be used in combination with a master module.

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TTC 48


An intelligent safety I/O module for extending the number of I/Os. The I/O module acts as a slave and is used in combination with, and controlled by a master electronic control unit and communicates via the standardized CANopen protocol, parameterized according to CiA DS 401.

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